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New 4CM Merch Website

El Porvenir Elementary and Middle School are heavily dependent on donors to keep our school open. Throughout the past decade our school has been able to stay running due to generous donors. Ever since the coronavirus hit we lost several of those donors; and for the first time the school staff and 4 Christ Mission leaders were uncertain of the future of El Porvenir. This began a process of many meetings and prayer. A decision had to be made. Do we close the school forever? .

The 4CM staff could not could not just stand by idly. So it was decided to start an active fundraiser through 4CM merchandise. With the support of many, we can help keep the schools doors open and bring awareness to great need in San Telmo!




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FOG Terassas revival

March 30th the FOG team along with some 4CM staff went down to join the revival service in Terrazas. It was amazing to see how hungry everyone was for the spirit and truth. More than 100 people gathered in person to seek God’s face and worship him.

But what moved me the most was when Pastor Paul was invited up to the stage. Although Pastor Paul’s birthday already passed, Pastor Sergio and Pastora Elvira wanted to be sure to honor him in front of the whole crowd of people. Pastor Paul has sown in this land for 25 years. With his sweat, blood and tears he’s never seized to care for Pastor Sergio and his wife.

It was so pure and so beautiful to see his spiritual children giving him true honor. Thank you Pastor Paul!



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april morning prayer

Excited to Announce Morning Prayer for the Month of April.

4CM PONY (Pastor’s of New York) will be speaking to us in our new “I AM” Series.

In this series we are going to go through each time Jesus said “I AM”.
I am the Bread of Life
I am the Light of the World
I am the True Vine
I am the Good Shepherd
I am the Way Truth and the Life and much more!

You won’t want to miss morning prayer!
Also, some topics this month will be for new pastors within 4CM, First responder and those on the frontline. At the same time we will continue to pray for Myanmar and all the new 4CM updates!





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