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We believe that prayer is the difference between a service trip and a mission trip. We don't want to simply do things for God, but with Him.

100% of your finances goes into supporting our various ministries and projects. You can also choose to donate to a specific missionary.

Choose from a variety of mission fields and join us in spreading the love of God. Let's go together and see how God is moving.

Hmong Leadership Conference

God gave 4 Christ Mission a vision to see the Hmong church in Southeast Asia on fire with the love of Christ, burning for His Kingdom. In February 18-21, 2020, we are hosting SEADS Leadership Conference, inviting local Hmong church leaders to join us for a 4-day gathering in Thailand. Our goals are to 1) provide encouragement, training, and strategy for effective church leadership, 2) to help leaders network with one another to begin working together, 3) to build sustainable relationship between American Hmong churches and Laotian Hmong churches, 4) and to ignite a deep passion for the Kingdom of God. We believe God that is restoring the Hmong people and giving them the power to dream again, so they can carry out Gods plans for the future.




MASKS for San telmo

As the state of Baja California has taken greater preventative measures for COVID-19, streets have grown more desolate and nearby stores require each customer to check their temperature before entering. Though there are currently no confirmed cases in San Telmo, the arrival of the virus could jeopardize the wellbeing of the entire community, creating a lack of medical resources and potential economic strife. Field or "campo" workers are getting laid off, and local businesses are running slow. The 6-month FOG mission team remains quarantined in the mission house, as El Porvenir school has transitioned to homeschooling. They are currently creating 3,000 homemade masks to distribute to  90% of San Telmo's population. We hope that the Lord will use this small task to minister to his people during this time of uncertainty and worry.



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