“God has promised in Matthew 28:19 that all authority has been given to us to go forth. And just like God the Father has given Jesus full covering, He will give us this same covering. Therefore go. He will be with us.”

-Paul Suh, Founder and Director of 4 Christ Mission

Paul Suh


For over 20 years, Paul Suh has traveled throughout Latin America and the United States challenging the body of Christ to live radical lives of discipleship. As a messenger of the Gospel, he has responded to the call of the Great Commission, to go and make disciples of all nations, by establishing 4 Christ Mission (4CM). Today, 4CM has planted over 28 churches to advance the Gospel throughout Latin America reaching lost souls.

In addition to his international work, Paul Suh travels throughout the United States challenging today’s youth and local churches to rise up to be radical followers of Jesus Christ. His passionate call to live all-out lifestyles for Christ awakens today’s church that has been wrestling with compromise and comfort. The Lord has given him the vision to see disciples who are willing to answer Christ’s call to discipleship by laying down their lives to live with purpose and meaning to share the Gospel no matter the cost.


Born in Korea, Paul Suh immigrated to Brazil when he was just two years old. After living in Brazil for 12 years, he experienced a deep culture shock when he moved to the United States in 1972. Struggling to define his identity in the United States, he found that he did not fit in with American or Korean culture. Searching for his identity and dissatisfied with what the world offers, Paul Suh found himself at the foot of the Cross pleading for meaning and purpose for his life. Upon his first intimate encounter with God, he committed his life to advance the Gospel throughout the globe and share the love of Christ wherever he goes.

Utilizing the knowledge, culture and language of Latin America, he gave his life to serve the Lord in those countries. Since then, he has faithfully been living out the calling that the Lord has given him – which is to go and make disciples of all nations. His vision is to bring the Good News not only through Latin America, but also throughout the nations to share the heart of God with His people.

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