Our model and vision for ministry is to follow the life and pattern of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus came to: save the lost, establish the church, raise up the children, heal the sick and set the prisoners free.


  • EVANGELISM: Save the Lost (Lk 19:10)

    God has begun an evangelistic movement all around the world through 4CM. We host revivals, retreats, and outreaches seasonally and our dream is to see thousands of people encounter the love of Jesus Christ.

  • CHURCH PLANTING: Establishing the Church (Matt 16:18)

    God has planted 28 churches through 4CM. It is our dream is to plant 500 more churches all around the world.

  • EDUCATION: Raise up the Future Generations (Matt 19:14)

    God has established an elementary school in Baja California, Mexico where we provide Christian education for over 120 elementary students. It is our dream to build schools all over the world that will ignite a passion within the future generations to live their lives with purpose for the glory of God.

  • MEDICAL MISSIONS: Heal the Sick (Matt 10:8)

    God has sent us to heal the sick overseas through providing medical care for the locals we serve. He has raised up a generation of medical professions over the past two decades and used them to heal the sick. It is our dream to plant medical clinics all over the world and train the local leaders to be the healing hands of God in their own communities.

  • JAIL MINISTRY: Set the Prisoners Free (Lk 4:18, Matt 25:35-40)

    God has planted three churches in the Mexico Jails that we serve. Our dream is to continue to plant more churches to set the captives free.

Our Core Values


Introduce people to genuine encounter with God and to share God’s love through servant hood


Mobilize people to work in the mission field of grace.


Be a catalyst for the Gospel working with all churches through networks among youths and missions.


Develop leaders by thoroughly equipping and sending out mission teams to serve Jesus Christ through the use of domestic and foreign facilities.

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