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Whether it’s a campaign, fundraiser, speaking engagement, or event – we encourage you to get your work, schools, friends, and family involved to help support our ministries on the field. If you have any ideas or opportunities for fundraising, please contact us at so we can help you get started.


Start a Fundraiser/Campaign

Are you interested in starting your own fundraiser or campaign? We encourage students, young adults, and professionals to get involved with supporting our ministries! From starting a school-wide fundraiser, donation matching program at your work, to selling handmade gifts – we are open to supporting individuals who want to launch their own fundraisers or campaigns to support our ministries.

Spread the word

The most powerful way to get people involved is through you. We encourage you to use your voice at school, work, and church to get more people involved in our ministries. Whether it’s organizing an event to raise awareness or having one of our staff come out and speak at schools or churches – we hope to bridge your work, churches, and schools to partake in what God is doing here at 4CM!

Send us your ideas

Do you have innovative and creative fundraising ideas that you want to make happen at 4CM? We welcome you to send us your ideas so that we can help make them a reality. Please contact us today so that we can get a conversation started.

More Ways to Get Involved

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