Greetings from San Telmo! The Field of Grace missionaries have been living in Mexico for the last month and each day has been filled with something new and different.

The first few days of being together as a team were spent being spiritually trained at a prayer mountain in Southern California. The Lord did such a good work in all of our hearts and it was a time to equip and prepare ourselves to serve on the mission field and to live with 15 other people in the same house. We were able to not only receive spiritual training in preparing for the months to come, but it was also a fruitful time of fellowship with one another and a time to build that Godly unity as one body and one mind.

It has now been about a month since living in San Telmo and we have already been able to see the Lord using us to continue to do the work that He has already been doing here in this community. This first month has been us getting adjusted to living life here in Mexico with the team and getting used to our busy schedules.

One of the ways that we are serving in this community is through teaching at the local primary and secondary school, El Porvenir. Some of the subjects that we are teaching include English, Art, Architecture, Leadership, Discipleship, Health, Music and Soccer. During the week, the missionaries prepare their curricula for their respective classes and are being trained to be effective teachers in the community. Although many of the missionaries are not trained teachers, we have been able to see how the Lord has given us so much grace, creativity, and knowledge in our classrooms— to be ministers in any situation we are in and every opportunity we are given to share God’s love and His word. We have only been teaching for about three weeks now, but we have already been able to develop such close relationships with our students and the school, and have seen how He is using us to partner with what God is already doing here. Yes, there have been hardships and discouragement along the way, but we continue to look to the Lord in everything we do, IN EXCELLENCY! Our team’s motto for this year has been, “In all things— Excellency!” Not because we want to be perfect and to only strive for perfection, but we want to do all things wholeheartedly before the Lord. So even when teaching and the days get hard, we are learning to press on and to give all of our burdens and worries to God. This is so that we can teach and do ministry with our whole hearts and to the best of our abilities, because He is worthy of our best.

On the weekends, the missionaries do a lot more ministry with the youth of the community where we have a youth (“Jovenes”) service on Saturday afternoons and play soccer with them afterwards. The Jovenes services are held at our Ven A Cristo church where a few of our team members lead worship for the service and then continue to fellowship and play soccer with them for a few hours. This time is so precious to us because it is the only time when the missionaries are able to explicitly minister and share God’s Word to the youth of the community. Many of them can have fun anywhere else and can choose to hangout with other friends outside of church, but they keep coming back to church every Saturday. This has given the missionaries so much hope for the future of this generation in San Telmo and it has encouraged us to continue to pour into them that much more.

Aside from ministry and teaching, the missionaries are also being equipped to be effective ministers of the Gospel wherever we go and for wherever God places us in the future. This includes not only ministry training, but also cultural competence and gaining understanding of how we can effectively minister cross-culturally. We are not only preparing ourselves for ministry in San Telmo, but we want to serve to the ends of the earth. With that, we have the privilege of having different pastors and seminar speakers come to San Telmo to equip us to be Kingdom-minded missionaries and ministers through training in biblical disciplines and field experiences. This program is called “School of Missions” and every other weekend, local pastors and leaders of 4 Christ Mission are sent down to San Telmo to give seminars on topics that will ultimately carry out in our lifestyles as missionaries.

As the team has gotten to know each other more and are serving together in all of our brokenness and weaknesses, we have been able to have such unity because of the One that brings us all together. When at first we were just strangers thrown together in a house in San Telmo, we have come to see the Lord using each and every one of us in our own individual and unique ways, as one team. We are all learning to continue to grow in Him together and to also grow in our relationships with one another.

Please be praying for our team as we serve the community here. That we would always look to the Lord for strength in every little thing that we do, and that we would not do anything through our own strength or power. Doing ministry nonstop and being here for 6 months gets tiring, so we need to always be looking to God for His strength! As we continue to live here and serve this community, please pray that we would not start to get comfortable or complacent with where we are at, but that we would want more of Him each and every day. Please also be praying for the students at El Porvenir that we are teaching, and for the youth and their families, as well. We are not always aware of what the students are going through in their homes, and all we can do is to pray for them and to show them the love of God. So please be interceding for the students, youth, and their families, as we minister to them. Lastly, please pray for our church, Ven A Cristo, as we continue to partner with them and do ministry with the pastors. That the pastors and leaders would be spiritually in tune with the Lord and that they would do everything with wisdom.

FOG 2018 team is officially finished with month 1, but we are so expectant for God to continue to use us to minister to the people of San Telmo! Please continue to be interceding with and for us! Gloria a Dios.