“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:6

Jesus Christ is our wonderful Counselor, and in times of worry, uncertainty, and despair, He is our hope. We have security in knowing that God’s will for our lives is perfect to trust in, and the confidence in knowing that our Father loves us and thus has the best purpose for us.

When Isaiah wrote his prediction of the “Wonderful Counselor,” he writes to remind the people that Christ, the Messiah, will one day come to establish the better Kingdom. This better Kingdom is not only limited to the nation of Israel, but it is far more glorious because a nation in darkness, Galilee, will see a greater light. (Isaiah 9:2) The “fruitfulness” is going to be realized when the light, Christ, goes beyond what the people can see or know.

“Wonderful,” in our modern context, refers to what we would describe as pleasant or likable. However, when Isaiah calls Christ “Wonderful”, it indicates something totally different: incomprehensible or full of wonder. This definition of “Wonderful” holds more weight than how we picture it today, and this is the prophetic description of Christ given by the prophet Isaiah.

I believe that some of the best counselors we have in our lives are our parents. We trust them with our lives because: we know them, we know that they are knowledgeable in the areas we lack, and most importantly, they love us.

Two months ago, I lost my father who passed away from a stroke. He was the counselor that I looked to for guidance when I did not know where to go. I trusted him and leaned on him, and that is why I cherished the conversations I had with him about my life and our family. Since that time, I’ve lacked a voice of guidance over my life. Many would give me words of life, encouragement and advice these past two months, but for some reason, there is a lack of trust in the words that people have offered to me.

As someone who has grown up in the church, in my mind, I knew all the answers to how I’m supposed to feel and what to do in my situation. But there is a major disconnect between my mind and heart. From this moment, I had the agenda of learning a new and profound thought that would expedite the grieving/healing process. I was looking for something that wouldn’t make me feel as lost as I did without my father. But after weeks of praying for something new, I found nothing.

I listened to a sermon several weeks ago, and the speaker said simply, “You can never graduate from the gospel.” The more I prayed and meditated on that word, there was a change in my heart. I knew that God was beginning to minister to me in an intimate way.

For weeks, my prayers would be, “God, I don’t know what to turn to, send someone to help me,” or “God, teach me something or tell me something that will fix my heart.” Little did I realize that the answers to my prayers were already given to me over 2000 years ago on a rugged cross.

The people of Israel were in a place of loss, and there seemed to be no answer to their condition. But what’s amazing is that while Isaiah could only share the promise of the Wonderful Counselor, we were given Christ and have access to Him through what He has done for us on the cross. The message of Jesus Christ is the most “Wonderful” news ever given to a bad situation. After thousands of years, the gospel message of Christ, dying for our sins, is still so incomprehensible and full of wonder, that the sufferings and problems we face are covered by the greatness of what He as done.

Fact of the matter is, there are many circumstances in our lives where we feel completely lost, and as hard as that is, it’s ok! Even though we cannot understand it, His love covers us (Romans 5:8).

As “Wonderful” Counselor, we trust that Christ listens and guides us in the Father’s will (Proverbs 3:6) We know that He hears our cries, as He has told us to pray to Him about our worries (Philippians 4:6). And most importantly, we know that His love is so extravagant and that there is no reason to fear, for our best interest is in His heart always (1 John 4:18-19, Isaiah 41:10).

Jesus Christ is my Wonderful Counselor, and I rejoice in that!

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Daniel Kim serves as a Bible Study Teacher and Praise Team Coordinator for the Sr/Jr High Ministries at Arumdaun Presbyterian Church in Bethpage, NY. He is currently pursuing a BA at New York University. He loves coffee dates with Jesus, pretending to be good at basketball, and Californian Mexican food.