Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” –Matthew 9:37-38

4CM has established churches throughout Latin America that are furthering the work of the Gospel by reaching out to their local communities under the leadership of a local pastor native to that community. 4CM provides opportunities for pastors to further their education in seminaries and bible institutes to be better equipped to be messengers of the Gospel. Many churches in the United States support these local church plants by sending short-term mission teams to re-engage with and encourage the local churches. Our desire is to see each of these churches strengthened and empowered, so that in turn the local church can provide evangelism and discipleship for its community.



Today, our organization continues to plant churches through Central and South America primarily for two reasons. First, to meet the need of the people. There are many communities that are overrun by sickness, poverty, and immorality, and a church in that place serves as a light to serve and transform the area. Second, to support the Christians in that area. Oftentimes pastors are able to gather crowds to hear the Gospel, but they have no money to build a church or have one in meager condition. Financial support, as well as training in administration and stewardship, allows the churches to have a place to worship and grow. We envision that churches will ultimately equip all believers to be fishermen who can make disciples and train pastors who would lay their lives down for their sheep.

On the mission field, many local church pastors and community leaders have been trained and discipled through 4CM to become the lasting presence of Christ in their own home countries. Rather than having a missionary continually stay in an area to do ministry, the work is entrusted into the hands of the local pastors and leaders to maintain and propel the ministry forward. 4CM has financially provided for ministry leaders to attend seminary and bible institutes, who were not able to go due to financial struggles. Several people that were saved through our jail ministries in Mexico are now the ones leading the ministry on a weekly basis! We keep a close personal relationship with the leaders, teaching and equipping them while working alongside them to continue the work of God in their communities.

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