Mexico is where God first led 4CM to start planting churches over 20 years ago. Today, our organization has been able to plant 14 churches all throughout Mexico to support local pastors and bring the Gospel to remote communities that have yet to receive the Good News. Stretching from Tijuana to Oaxaca, we have experienced God’s powerful provision and faithfulness as we have seen churches rise up to be proclaimers of the Gospel and a light to broken communities and healing for families who are looking for restoration in their lives.



4CM currently supports multiple churches in the many regions in Tijuana. The churches in Tijuana are pioneering points of 4CM’s church ministry, established in a city where the Gospel message stands in stark contrast to the dark atmosphere. These churches provide a spiritual refuge—reaching out to the community with Children’s Ministries, weekly services, Bible studies, and discipleship classes—becoming an integral part of their communities and bringing many believers to Christ. It is an amazing testimony to proclaim that each church is pastored by local pastors and disciples of 4CM.



Despite being a popular tourist attraction, God revealed his broken heart for this city through the ministry in Ensenada Jail. Following the model of ministry done at La Mesa jail in Tijuana, 4CM was able to plant a church within the walls of the jail. The jail serves as a place for worship for the inmates throughout the week and a space for local churches to come and minister. Discipleship training also takes place through a DT program, which sponsors inmates in their release and rehabilitation back into society. Many of the transformed inmates choose to stay and serve the ministry in a variety of ways, such as construction projects or attending seminary school to further serve the ministry.



San Telmo has been a true gift from God. Located a couple hours south of Ensenada, it is a community small enough to miss on the road down to the lower regions of Baja California. San Telmo is also known for its big population of the migrant farm workers and indigenous groups that originate from the Southern states of Mexico such as Oaxaca and Los Mochis. God has been using Ven a Cristo church to bring light to a community that is filled with gangs, prostitution, and addictions to drugs and alcohol.



Oaxaca is located about 12 hours further south from Los Mochis and is the historic home to the Zapotec and Mixteca people. Many people from the ministries in Baja California can trace their roots back to this historic region where rough terrain and ancient religions oppress the opportunity for churches to flourish in this region. We have been working with local pastors in the area in supporting and rebuilding ministries. After a few years, we were able to witness the first fruits of what God is doing in Oaxaca since we laid the first foundation for a new building. It is an amazing sight to see an abundant church community growing in the region with much fruit to bear.



Los Mochis is a region heavily depending on agriculture as a source of economic growth. Migrant farmer workers and their families originating from indigenous backgrounds and poverty-stricken communities work low-wage seasonal jobs as means of survival. God has used Ven a Cristo church to bring hope to these communities that are overcome by hopelessness. Most recently, our church was able to plant an additional church in the region to effectively the needs of the larger community. The growth of the local churches in this region speaks to the hunger of the people in these communities that only Christ can satisfy.

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