As a missions organization, 4CM not only hopes to share the Gospel but provide opportunities for communities to raise their standards of living and break the cycle of poverty they are trapped in. In the communities that 4CM serves, quality educational opportunities are inaccessible for families and children who live in rural and underdeveloped communities. By providing quality education, we hope to see students take a step on a path that offers a brighter and hopeful future so that they can be inspired to be community leaders and world changers for the glory of Christ.

We believe that education coupled with the Gospel is a vehicle for community and family transformation. It is our vision that our students will experience the love of Christ within the walls of the classroom and share that same love with their families and their local communities. We pray that our schools will serve as a source of change and opportunity for families who would have otherwise seen no hope of sending their children to school because of their immediate needs to work and send their children to work. Education transforms impossible situations into testimonies of faith – we have witnessed such testimonies come to life in the communities we serve.

Currently, God has used 4CM to establish a childcare facility, primary school, and secondary school (under construction) in San Telmo, Baja California, Mexico – a small rural community made up of migrant farm workers and indigenous groups. To learn more about our educational programs and facilities, please click on the boxes below.


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