“When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, and healed their sick.” –Matthew 14:14


God not only declared His love, but He showed it through His actions. 4CM engages in both declaring God’s love through what we preach and living out His love through ministries such as medical missions. In developing nations, and especially in the impoverished areas where 4CM engages, we have encountered some of the most ill people who are the least likely to get the medical attention they need. We believe that Christ’s heart breaks with compassion for His people and that heart leads Him to heal them (Matthew 14:14). At 4CM, we hold the conviction that we are called to be ministers of His compassionate healing by providing our brothers and sisters with medical care.

4CM’s medical ministry is two-fold: to provide local communities with medical attention, and to raise up a generation of medical professionals in the United States who will go back a live with a purpose and vision to continue to serve these communities with their lives.

Short-term trips are an integral part of the medical ministry at 4CM – but in an effort to better meet the needs of the communities we serve, 4CM envisions building clinics that will be sustainable and empowering to communities that we are serving. By providing communities with hope and educational opportunities, our organization hopes to plant clinics that will be managed by the local people. Furthermore, 4CM desires to actively inspire the next generation of medical workers to become His healing hands in the world. This means an increased investment into training and discipleship opportunities for health professional students throughout all aspects of the 4CM Medical Ministry.



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