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4CM Medical Ministries began as a short trip in 2003 with a small team of physicians from a local church in Torrance, California and a handful of student volunteers. Today our ministry has expanded to encompass multiple medical mission trips throughout the year, some with over a hundred student volunteers from all over the nation and a variety of health professional fields including doctors, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, PT’s, and individuals who are passionate about medicine and the Gospel.

Throughout the years, medical teams have travelled to isolated and remote communities carrying medical supplies by foot where cars and trucks can no longer take them. Although the enemy has tried to stop our teams from reaching God’s people to bring the Good News and medical attention, God has prevailed. We have seen miraculous healings and communities filled with joy as they were met with needed medical care and the Gospel.



“Just as God is near to the sick, the hurting, just as He heals, bandages, and restores us, so we as doctors, nurses, med students, and prospective health care representatives take our example from Christ in our approach to medicine. In Bolivia we not only talked to the people, but we touched the sick, bandaged their wounds, gave them medicine, but most importantly we prayed for them. That as we may cover over their physical wounds, Christ will cover their spiritual wounds, as He is the ultimate Healer.”

-Katy Bliss, Michigan State University


“Before 4CM medical missions I knew I enjoyed medicine and that was what I was supposed to do, but my heart had not yet caught up with my brain. During my first Panama medical mission trip God sealed the desire in both my heart and mind to pursue medical school and become a doctor. For the first time I saw a blend of medicine and the gospel and realized that this was actually possible, not only on a mission field, but in any clinic as well. I was able to pray with my patients and in doing so I felt their hearts and realized that more than each small bag of medicine, these people were desiring God.”

-Karen Ko, Guadalajara University, Mexico

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