San Telmo, Mexico

The mission center in San Telmo was established in 2001 alongside our local Ven a Cristo church. Although this mission center has been housing missionaries and pastors for short-term mission trips, the mission center is currently expanding their facilities to accommodate for long-term missionaries who have a heart for the San Telmo community. For over ten years now, 4CM have taken take various church groups and individuals from local churches in Mexico and the United States to San Telmo to serve the local community. Doctors and dentists have made quarterly trips to San Telmo to provide basic medical care for local church and community members for days at a time. Other church groups, youth, and individuals have stayed at the mission center to share the Gospel distribute food and other basic necessities to local families.

One of the busiest times of the year for the San Telmo mission center is during the summer when 4CM’s Youth Outreach mission trip takes place. Over 400 youth, college students, and adults gather together to pray for and serve the local community for a week. Our mission center serves a base for groups who are gathering from all over the United States and the world. All 400 people eat, sleep, and serve at our mission center to serve the local community for a full week with the hope to transform the local community with the love of Christ. To learn more about our Youth Outreach mission trip, please visit our Youth Outreach page!


Equipping Workers on the Field


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