Ven a Cristo Church in Tijuana currently houses our mission center in Tijuana, Mexico, which was established in 1999. Throughout the year, numerous teams from the local churches and the United States gather together to serve the local community by distributing clothes, food, and other basic necessities for the community. The mission center has housing facilities, which allow for teams for serve for one day or longer periods of time. The mission center also houses a small medical clinic, which serves as a base for teams of doctors and dentists to offer basic medical treatment to local community and church members.

In the past few years, church groups from the United States have stayed a few days to join the local church to evangelize to the community and hold night revivals. We pray and hope that in the next few years the mission center in Tijuana will continue to be a base for missionaries and local churches to gather together to advance the Gospel in the local community and throughout all of Latin America.

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