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In addition to providing healthcare to the communities we serve, 4CM hopes is to raise up the next generation of medical professionals who will use the talents and gifts God has blessed them with. Currently, we have short-term medical mission trips that invite students who are studying in the medicine field from universities and colleges all around the nation. Students can get hands on experience on the field, attend seminars with the doctors and residents, and work with fellow medicine students and mission-minded professionals who share their passion for medicine and the Gospel.



“I decided to pursue medicine because of my experiences on medical missions with 4CM. It was in Mexico and Panama that I tangibly encountered the love of God for the sick and broken. These trips showed me how medicine was an opportunity to physically manifest this love to His people across the world. The memories I’ve gained and the hope I have to serve these places in the future are what continue to sustain me on my path through medicine.”

–Tim Lee, Medical Student at University of Illinois, Chicago

“On every medical mission trip that I have went on with 4CM, God always unveiled new things—dreams, needs, and confirmations. That dreams about how God will use medicine as a mere tool to build His Kingdom here on this earth. That the true needs of the community that are not only of the physical, but of the spiritual, of love, and of encouragement. And lastly, confirmations on what I think God want me to do. Many times, I doubted myself and internally struggled about my pursuit of the medical profession—Is this really to glorify God or is it to fulfill myself? But through interacting with the patients, working with the physicians and leaders, and praying for the patients, I found peace and an increasing desire to love God and to love people through medicine.”

–Esther Son, Medical Student at ATSU: Osteopathic Medical School



DATES: JULY 10 – 26, 2014
Every year our medical missions trip location changes whether it is Panama, Bolivia or Mexico. This year, our medical missions trip will be taking place in Bolivia. Our trip will be coordinated by professional doctors and medical students with a wide variety of experiences in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, and more.

If you would like to join us this summer, please go to our Summer Mission Trips 2014 page for more information. For general questions about this mission trip, please contact us at boliviamissions@4christmission.org.

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