At 4CM we believe that education coupled with the Gospel is a vehicle for change in the lives of children. God has a special plan for each and every one of His children, and it is our vision to see those plans unfold through the power of the Gospel. Every summer, a team of 40 college and young adults gather together to carry out an English teaching program, which also focuses in visual arts, dance, and service learning to offer students opportunities to unlock the gifts and passions that God has given them. It is our hope that dreams and visions will be planted in the hearts of our students as they experience the love of Christ and transforming power of the Holy Spirit within the walls of the classroom.

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“The El Porvenir Summer Education Program has impacted my life greatly. It helped me to see children, not as merely children, but as teachers, lawyers, pastors, policemen, and doctors in training. Each one of them has a huge amount of potential to change communities and influence the world. Today, I cannot push aside any child because I know that all children have unique plans and purposes set before them by God for His glory!”

–Ethan O’Neall, Biola University

“I am called to be an architect, so I had no idea why God brought me to El Porvenir these past two summers to teach and disciple the children of San Telmo. I wondered why I had been placed there, why I was teaching English, why it didn’t really make sense for an architecture student to be going on a mission trip about education. It took me a while before I realized that this was not about me, but about the children, and more importantly, the future of God’s kingdom. “El Porvenir,” which literally means “The Future,” is such a perfect name because I firmly believe that the Lord will use these children, forgotten by most of the world, to change families, communities, and nations through the gift of education. Working with these kids has shown me the tender spots of His heart and glimpses of the glory that is to come.”

–Eleanor Ma, Rice University


If you would like to join us this summer, please go to our Summer Mission Trips 2016 page for more information. For general questions about this mission trip, please contact us at

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