Youth Outreach is one of the first ministries that God established in 4CM over fourteen years ago. Starting with a few troubled youth kids who were looking for purpose and meaning in their lives, our Founder took these students to Ven a Cristo church in Tijuana to have them serve the church and local families. Experiencing the transforming love of Christ and having an encounter with the Holy Spirit, the youth kids found a reason to go back and live out their lives with a God-given purpose. Today, Youth Outreach has over 400 youth and college students, leaders, pastors, and families gather together during the summer to encounter the living God as they serve the local communities and witness that God is alive and moving.

The vision behind Youth Outreach is two-fold: encounter and mobilize. God has given 4CM a vision to see the youth of this generation encounter the living God and the power of the Holy Spirit and go back with a passion and purpose to live out their lives with meaning. We believe that as the youth serve in the mission field, they will be mobilized to go back and live out their faith, just as they did in the mission field. Our vision is to see a generation of youth who have encountered the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ, rise up to be future leaders of their generation to fulfill the Great Commission in the fields to which God has called them.

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Our vision is that as the youth live out their faith in the mission field serving the poor and broken-hearted, they will witness how our God is a living and moving God. In the same way our groups serve and transform the local community, we have witnessed change in the youth themselves as they have served the local communities. We envision a generation that will be mobilized to go back and live their lives with a greater purpose to be used by God to be light in the darkest of places and hope to those who are lost and searching for meaning in their lives. Whether it is medicine, teaching, business, law, or ministry that our youth feel called to, we believe that knowing their identity in Christ will compel them to do all things for Christ no matter what they are doing.

Over the years, we have seen youth come to Youth Outreach with drug addictions, broken families, depression, and a deep hunger to experience God. Each summer, we see countless transformations as they encounter the radical, healing, and fulfilling love of Christ. Some of our youth are now in the fields of business, law, medicine, education, non-profits, and ministry – sharing the love of Christ wherever they are. We hope to see generations of passionate Christ followers rise up to disciple nonbelievers in their local communities, workplaces, classrooms, and families!


Throughout the week, our teams scatter throughout the local communities to serve families and empower local churches by holding children’s ministries, building houses, revival services, and performing various community service activities. Our teams have also ministered at local rehab centers to provide hope and support for individuals who struggling to leave their lives of sin behind them and put their hope in Christ. Through prayers and seeds of faith, our youth share the love of Christ to surrounding communities and experience the Gospel coming to life as they serve throughout the week.

At the end of each day, all teams gather together to have a night service with powerful worship and speakers from all over the nation. We have witnessed countless numbers of people being brought to salvation and in turn giving their own testimonies of God’s love. Every year, more and more youth are openly proclaiming their faith while also pursuing for deeper depths and higher heights with God. On the last day, the youth are given the opportunity to attend seminars that address topics that are relevant to the youth such dating and relationships, spiritual warfare, faith in action, evangelism, and biblical living.

Our vision is that as the youth have a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit, their faith will turn into actions on the mission field and when they return to their homes to continue living their lives with a passion and purpose, which are found in Christ.


“I can always recall an intimate moment in Mexico when my life was completely transformed. How could I forget the day He replaced my hardened heart with a heart of flesh? His joy has become my strength, His love has given me courage, and His robe of righteousness has brought me hope. He instills in me a passion to serve and I have been greatly blessed by the opportunities God provides through 4CM.”

–Samantha Lee, Drake University

“My experience at Mexico Youth Outreach has not only been enormously blessing but also life changing. Through the mission work I was able to do, God has changed my heart for His people; to emulate and be a vessel of His love and represent who He is to complete strangers so that they can come to know who He is. My experiences have radically changed my heart and opened my eyes to world so that the saving name of Jesus Christ can be spread to every nation.”

–Daniel Sohn, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


4CM welcomes pastors, community and ministry leaders, and individuals to bring a team to serve on the mission field during Youth Outreach. While on the field, teams will be sent off to serve at local ministries and churches along with their leader. The ministry that the team serves will depend on the desire of the leader whether they want to carry out children’s ministry, build a house, or serve at a local church.

If you are a pastor or ministry leader hoping to bring your team to Youth Outreach, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to make transportation and hotel arrangements. If you are an individual planning to bring a team to Youth Outreach, we will help you partner with a regional church or ministry that you can train and prepare for the mission trip with.


If you would like to join us this summer, please go to our Summer Mission Trips 2016 page for more information. For general questions about this mission trip, please contact us at